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    污水节能处理系统 废水节能处理系统 污水废水处理系统
    关键词:  污水节能处理系统     工业废水处理     节能高盐废水处理系统     废水节能处理系统     废水污水节能处理     污水废水节能处理     废水节能处理     污水处理     污水处理系统     废水处理     污水废水节能处理系统     城市污水处理     印染废水处理    
    产品主要用途/Main purposes of the product
    The reaction vessel is composed by main body, cover, stirrer, electric heating oil clip pipe, supporting and driving device, shaft sealing device and oil overflow tank, etc. It is also equipped with electric heating bar and temperature, pressure measuring gauge.
    The stirring form includes anchoring type, pulp type, turbo-type, push type or frame type according to different production processes and operation conditions. The supporting seat has two types: suspended type or supporting type.
    Heat conduction oil is filled inside the jacket and heated by the electric heating bar. There are openings on the jacket for pipe connecting for oil inlet, oil outlet, overflow measuring, venting& electric heating bar and temperature measuring. The external wall of the jacket is welded with support and there’s material discharging port at lower part of the vessel body. 
    主要技术参数参考表/Reference table of main technical parameter

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