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  • 无锡弘通石化装备有限公司官网欢迎您!

    污水节能处理系统 废水节能处理系统 污水废水处理系统
    关键词:  污水节能处理系统     工业废水处理     节能高盐废水处理系统     废水节能处理系统     废水污水节能处理     污水废水节能处理     废水节能处理     污水处理     污水处理系统     废水处理     污水废水节能处理系统     城市污水处理     印染废水处理    
    产品主要用途/Main purpose of the products
    It is used for stirring, dissolving and dispersing of liquid and liquid-solid phase materials in coating, dye, paint, ink, paper, glue, cosmetics and other industries.

    产品主要特点/Main features of the products
    Extremely little air is absorbed during stirring and dispersing, therefore the mixing and even regulating result is excellent. The materials will be quickly dissolved with low granularity degree by stirring and dispersing at intermediate and high speed. Rotation speed modes of the dispersing machine include high speed, double-speed and speed regulating and the hydraulic pressure scope is within 0.8M一1.5M which can meet different requirements for output and process. 

    主要技术参数参考表/Reference table of main technical parameters

    电 话: 0510-85950968   传 真: 0510-81010918
    联系人: 熊树伟    手 机: 13338110818 13506182505
    网 址: www.ectocon.com   www.wxhtsh.com
    邮 箱: wxhtsh@wxhtsh.com   13338110818@163.com
    地址: 无锡市滨湖区南湖中路88号



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